Browser Integration

Gthnk runs a private web server that only you can connect to. There are a few browser tricks that make it easier to get extra use out of Gthnk.

Google Chrome

App Launcher

  1. Enable the necessary Chrome flags
    1. chrome://flags
    2. chrome://flags/#bookmark-apps - Enable
    3. chrome://flags/#disable-hosted-apps-in-windows - Enable
  2. Add Gthnk as an App
    1. Navigate to http://localhost:1620/journal/live
    2. Click the 3-dot “more” tool button
    3. Click “More Tools”
    4. Click “Add to Applications”
    5. Call it “Gthnk”
  3. Done

Chrome Extension

This method has been replaced by the App Launcher, which is better…

The Gthnk Google Chrome extension enables Gthnk to be launched from the menu bar using the Chrome Launcher.

  1. Download the extension code from github
git clone
  1. Open chrome://extensions/ in your browser
  2. Check Developer mode
  3. Click Load unpacked extension…
  4. Navigate to gthnk/integrations/chrome-app
  5. Click OK

Now, you have an icon that will launch Gthnk.


I use to create a hotkey pattern for launching the Gthnk app.

Many launchers will work, but the important part is that you must create an “App Launcher” for Gthnk before the hotkey can be created.

Steps for adding a Gthnk hotkey:

  1. Click the gear icon to drop down the list of things to create
  2. Choose Application
  3. Set a unique shortcut key combination
  4. name it Gthnk
  5. Action: Launch
  6. Choose: locate the gthnk chrome app
    1. Navigate to wherever your apps are and looks for Chrome Apps
    2. On OS X, this is probably /Applications/Chrome Apps
    3. Select Gthnk in the Chrome Apps folder
  7. Done

Other Browsers

Since Gthnk is provided as a web server, you can use any browser to connect to it. If you craft integrations for other browsers, please create an issue that describes your process and we can add it to this document.