• Gthnk presents a journal consisting of many entries.
  • Entries are created using plain old text files, which Gthnk imports once per day.
  • Any text editor can be used to add information to Gthnk.
  • Days and Entries are searchable from the command line and web UI.

Try Gthnk

Use Docker to run Gthnk with all files stored locally in ~/.gthnk.

docker run -d --rm \
    --name gthnk \
    -p 1620:1620 \
    -e TZ=America/Toronto \
    -v ~/.gthnk:/opt/gthnk/var \

The default text file where you will record journal entries is ~/.gthnk/journal.txt.

Open journal.txt with a text editor to add new journal entries.

Open http://localhost:1620 to access the user interface.