There are currently two ways to install Gthnk:

  1. Run it inside a Docker image
  2. Install as a python package

Docker Image

Use Docker to run Gthnk with all files stored locally in ~/.gthnk.

docker run -d --rm \
    --name gthnk \
    -p 1620:1620 \
    -e TZ=America/Toronto \
    -v ~/.gthnk:/opt/gthnk/var \

The default text file where you will record journal entries is ~/.gthnk/journal.txt.

If you want to store your files somewhere other than ~/.gthnk then update the -v argument:

-v /opt/somewhere-else:/opt/gthnk/var \

If you want to use a port other than 1620, update the -p argument:

-p 5000:1620 \

Python Installation

Gthnk also installs as a python package - but the Docker method is strongly recommended.

Every system is different but python installation looks like this:

git clone
cd gthnk
pip3 install --user ./src
gthnk config

By default, gthnk uses `/tmp/gthnk for data storage. Configure gthnk with ~/.config/gthnk/gthnk.conf.

Next Steps

Now check out Using the Journal to learn techniques for actually getting stuff done with Gthnk.