The vision for Gthnk has been stable for many years.

Gthnk is a system that will enable users to:

  • keep a chronological journal of writings
  • support archival for 100 years
    • import/export via paper
  • review recent entries effortlessly
  • find specific ideas or entries
    • precision search through entire history
  • construct an inter-connected network of knowledge
  • create an entry using any technology
    • computer/phone, ink+paper, other?
  • run privately or publicly
    • (i.e. server or desktop)

This vision describes whta Gthnk is going to become. However, this vision does not specify how that will happen.

Gthnk seeks to enable people to do specific things they could not before. These specific new capabilities are called features. A feature can be spearated from the technology that implements the feature. Therefore, this vision is constructed without reference to the technical details pertaining to the implementation.

This vision represents the end-state; it is not the roadmap.