Quick Start

The simplest installation method is to use Docker.

docker run -d --rm \
    --name gthnk \
    -p 1620:1620 \
    -e TZ=America/Toronto \
    -v ~/.gthnk:/opt/gthnk/var \

However, advanced methods are also available to install Gthnk as a Python package. Read Installation for more installation options.

Use the Journal

Gthnk uses a basic Text File Format because anything more complicated isn’t reliable enough for something as important as your thoughts.

Create a file called ~/.gthnk/journal.txt and use a text editor to paste the following into it:



Hello world!  I am making a note in my work journal.


The Gthnk website is http://gthnk.com

This is a basic journal file for January 8, 2016. It has two entries, one at 8:40am and another at 1:22pm. Based in this example, you can probably imagine how to make journal entries for any other day and time.

Accessing the Journal

Access Gthnk in your browser with this URL: http://localhost:1620/

You will see that the journal entries have been added to the database and the text file has been reset to a blank file.

Next Steps

Read Using the Journal to understand how to get the most out of Gthnk.