Quick Start

First read Installation to put Gthnk onto your system.

Use the Journal

gthnk uses a basic Text File Format because anything more complicated isn’t reliable enough for something as important as your thoughts.

Create a file on your desktop called journal.txt and use a text editor to paste the following into it:



Hello world!  I am making a note in my work journal.


The gthnk website is http://gthnk.com

This is a basic journal file for January 8, 2016. It has two entries, one at 8:40am and another at 1:22pm. Based in this example, you can probably imagine how to make journal entries for any other day and time.

Accessing the Journal

Access gthnk in your browser with this URL: http://localhost:1620/

To immediately load from journal.txt, click the reload button in gthnk. You will see that the journal entries have been added to the database and the text file has been reset to a blank file.

Next Steps

Read Using the Journal to understand how to get the most out of gthnk.