Gthnk welcomes contributions from the community. The most important theme for Gthnk contributions is communication. An open source project thrives when communication is healthy.

Here are examples of some ways you can help:

  • Help field questions from the community
  • Extend and clarify the documentation
  • Internationalization; help with translations
  • Software Development

Help field questions from the community

So you’ve become a Gthnk power user and now you know enough to fix other peoples’ Gthnk problems. Fantastic! Please join our chat room and just hang out to help answer questions from the community. People will occasionally come by to ask questions and you can help immensely by answering some of them.

Help with the documentation

Project documentation is one of the most important aspects of an open source project. You can help immensely by editing the current documentation for clarity. You can find the documentation in the Gthnk repository, which you can modify by submitting a pull request.


Can you help localize Gthnk for a new language? We can use help translating the software, websites, and documentation. If you want to help make Gthnk available to a new community of users, please find us in the chat room.

Software Development

Gthnk is an open source project. If you know Python, please see the Developer document for more information.