The first step is to clone the project repository using git. Then, give the rest of this document a read for some specific ideas about contributing.

Submitting a pull request

Gthnk development occurs in the develop branch of the git project. We welcome thoughtful pull requests against the develop branch with code that includes comments and tests. When you create a pull request, be sure you have the latest version of the develop branch.

Implement your favorite feature

If you know a feature you’d like to code in order to help with Gthnk, then make your own local branch and write it until you are happy. If you end up writing a feature that is really useful to you, then maybe you will consider contributing it to the community. In that case, be sure to write tests for your feature and add code comments where appropriate. The code should pass a Python linter that checks for PEP8 compliance.

Help with an existing issue

You can contribute by working on issues that have been submitted by the community using the Issue Tracker. This is a little more advanced than simply implementing a new feature since the issue may imply acceptance criteria. It is recommended that you coordinate with project members before working on an issue. The easiest way to contact the team is through the Issue Tracker itself; each issue has a comment thread associated with it.