Handwritten Notes on Paper

NB: Handwritten notes are not currently supported

There are of times when paper is the right tool to capture some thoughts. Many kinds of notes, particularly when they are heavy with mathematical symbols or diagrams, are difficult to capture with a text file. That’s no problem; just take notes like always and scan the paper to PDF.

Paper Workflow

The following steps describe a method for taking notes on paper, then scanning those notes and importing them into Gthnk.

  1. Write the datestamp in the header margin of the notes
  2. Write a page number on the sheet, somewhere in the margin
  3. Write a topic in the header margin of the notes
  4. Take notes on paper like normal
  5. Scan the paper to PDF
  6. Open the date in Gthnk that matches the datestamp of the PDF
  7. Drag and drop the PDF onto the attachments target in Gthnk


Gthnk can import JPEGs and PNGs, so any photographs of notes will also work. Take pictures of slides during talks, then attach them to the day’s notes in Gthnk.